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Simply - Classic Design, High Quality

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Why Choose a Simply Gi?

When you choose your gi there are several factors to consider. If you're a beginner it might be hard to choose a gi. As a long-time BJJ practitioner, I can tell you this, choose a Brazilian jiu-jitsu gi that fits your financial situation, is comfortable, AND is durable.

The truth is, the gi does not make you any better. But, if you feel comfortable you will have a better time when you roll. Do you like a heavier, thicker gi or do you prefer a lighter fabric that allows you to move without much friction?

Light and Comfortable

Simply Bjj Gi is very light and comfortable. The fabric in the jacket is what's called Pearl Weave 350 GSM which makes it quite thin and light but still very durable. The pants are made of 10 OZ ripstop and are highly resistant to tearing.

This ultralight gi dries faster after washing than a standard gi, it takes less space in your bag when going to class and if you compete you will have an easier time when it's time to hit that dreaded competition scale. Well, maybe you can even have some breakfast on competition day?

Simply BJJ leg drag
Simply kneeling athlete

Classic Design.

Simply BJJ is all about making it simple to train BJJ. We know life can be stressful with a lot of obligations. A lot of stress with studies, work, and everything in between.

We want it to be easier for everybody to get some nice rollin' going. No drama, just a nice, clean, and comfortable gi together with great training partners and friends. The minimalistic design of the gi is nice from the beginning but if you want to have plenty of space for different patches of your choice.

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